Body Contouring Surgery

Highly cosmetic surgery consisting in a circumferential removal of excess skin and fat from tummy, hips and buttocks with hip and buttock lift, flattening of the tummy, reshaping of the waist line and reconstruction of the belly button - so your tummy can look young again. Even if you have not lost enough weight a lower body lift can be a game changer

Cosmetic, 360 lower body contouring

bikini line incision

buttock contour

thigh lift

flat tummy

hour glass waste line

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Minimalistic tummytuck

Quick recovery, instant rejuvenation - a keyhole assisted tummytuck that will bring the natural curves of the rubensian beauty back to life.

Complex lower body reconstruction with removal of excess skin and fat, mons pubis and pelvic reconstruction, buttock lift and augmentation with or without thigh lipectomy and lift and liposuction

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